Not One of the Nineteen Doctors in Congress Support Single Payer

Polls show that the majority of Americans favor a single payer Medicare for All system, similar to the one adopted by most industrialized countries – everybody in, nobody out, no premiums, no deductibles, free choice of doctor and hospital.  The majority of doctors in most polls support single payer.  But historically, the main organization of physicians and medical students in the United States – the American Medical Association – has opposed it.  Back in the 1960s, when there was an early Read more […]Read More

Tom Mueller on Blood Death and Dollars in American Medicine

How did a lifesaving medical breakthrough become a for-profit enterprise that threatens many of the people it’s meant to save? Six decades ago, visionary doctors achieved the impossible – the kidney, acknowledged since ancient times to be as essential to life as the heart, became the first human organ to be successfully replaced with a machine.  Yet dialysis corporations that sprung up in the wake of the discovery, ambitious doctor-entrepreneurs and Beltway lobbyists soon turned this medical Read more […]Read More