Who We Are

  • Single Payer Action is a project of the Daily Citizen Inc., a national 501.c.4 non-profit.
  • Founded by activists.
  • For the American people.
  • Seeking to implement a single payer health insurance system in the United States.
  • Medicare for all.
  • In our lifetimes.
  • Founder Russell Mokhiber is an editor, writer and long time advocate for single payer in the United States.

What Is Single Payer?

  • Right now we have many hundreds of payers.
  • They are called insurance corporations.
  • We would get rid of them.
  • And replace them with a single payer.
  • Instead of paying premiums to private for profit insurance companies like Aetna, CIGNA, and Wellpoint,
    we would all pool our money into one public insurance pool.
  • We would be paying the same or less than we are paying now.
  • Save $400 billion a year in administrative overhead, waste and profits.
  • Use that money to insure everyone — cradle to grave.
  • You get an insurance card.
  • And it gets you into to see any doctor or any hospital.
  • Anywhere in the country.
  • No bills. No co-pays. No deductibles.
  • No more bankruptcies from medical bills.
  • No more 90 Americans dead a day due to lack of health insurance
  • As Dr. Marcia Angell, former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine puts it, single payer is not only the best health care reform, it’s the only health care reform that will both control costs and cover everyone.
  • Single payer.
  • Everybody in.
  • Nobody out.
What We Don’t Do

  • We don’t do coalitions with front groups.
  • We don’t do inside the beltway politics.
  • We will never compromise on single payer.

What We Want

  • Single payer.
  • Simple.
  • Direct.
  • Everybody in.
  • Nobody out.


What We Do

  • We do direct action.
  • Face to face with the health insurance industry.
  • In front of the home office of your member of Congress.
  • In front of your member of Congress, wherever he or she may be.
  • Until we get single payer.

Why We Do What We Do

  • We are sick that 68,000 Americans die every year from lack of health insurance.
  • We are sick of health insurance companies jacking up premiums while their health insurance company CEOs make out like bandits.
  • We are sick of high deductibles, co-pays, and the in-network, out-of-network Rube Goldberg system we live under.