Nader’s Congress Club Calls on Sanders to Introduce Single Payer Medicare for All Bill

Ralph Nader’s Congress Club is calling on Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) to introduce his Medicare for All bill in the Senate.

“Your Presidential campaigns put Medicare for All single payer front and center on the American political agenda,” Nader wrote in a sample letter that he urged Congress Club members to send to Sanders. “Two years ago, when Donald Trump was President, you introduced your Medicare for All bill (S. 1129) in the Senate.”

“While it didn’t match the gold standard Medicare for All bill (HR 676), your bill was endorsed by 63 national citizen organizations and unions.”

“You pointed out that polling from Reuters and others showed that seventy percent of the American people supported Medicare for All.”

“But now, instead of Medicare for All, you are pushing for Medicare for Some.”

“In the Washington Post in May, you and Congresswoman Jayapal penned an op-ed calling for lowering the Medicare age to 60. No mention of Medicare for All. (“We must fix the gaping holes in Medicare,” Washington Post, May 11, 2021.)

“At least in March of this year, Congresswoman Jayapal introduced her Medicare for All (HR 1976) bill with a promise of hearings.”

“But still, now mid-August, you have yet to introduce a Medicare for All bill. Question: When will you introduce Medicare for All legislation?”

“And as Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, when will you hold hearings on Medicare for All?” Nader asked.

“Time is passing.”

Nader launched his Congress Club to encourage his listeners to write to members of Congress on issues like corporate crime, taxing the rich and single payer national health insurance.

“Use these letters as your base, but include your own distinct message and give any personal examples or experience that you wish to share with your elected officials,” Nader wrote. “Indicate that your correspondence represents a lot of work and warrants a substantive response. Feel free to copy interested parties on your letter, such as local citizen groups, labor organizations and media.”

“Send your letter by all methods available to you – email, postal mail, fax. You may also wish to follow up with a phone call to alert them to your letter. Then, send us your elected officials’ response or indicate no response. When we have enough responses, you and we can take things to the next level and turn words into action.”

“Remember, it’s your Congress, people! Only through sustained pressure from a small but focused group of active, informed citizens, can long overdue change can start happening.”

People can sign up for Nader’s Congress Club at the Ralph Nader Radio Hour web site.


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