To James Carville From Ralph Nader

September 24, 2011

Okay Big Boy

Enough is enough

As Scapegoater in Chief for the Democratic Party

You once again on national television

Repeated your venomous falsehood

In an even more off the wall fashion

On Good Morning America on Tuesday.

In an exchange with your buddy George Stephanopoulos.


“What about this idea for a primary challenge?”

“Is it good for the Democrats?”

“And will it happen?”



“I mean, don’t you think Ralph Nader has done enough damage to the country?”

“I mean, he was probably single-handedly responsible for electing George Bush.”

“He may ought to consider retiring.”

As if all the faults of the Democratic Party

Pointed out by one James Carville

For over a decade

Had no relevance for Presidential elections.

Since you are touted as the fastest tongue

In the covey of fast tongues

On national political interview shows

An allegedly unbeatable combination of



And biting serpentine satire

You should be receptive to the following challenge

To clear the air on the topic:

Why was Gore denied the White House in 2000?

Despite your calumny James

I do not think it is beneath one’s dignity

To challenge you to a debate

At the National Press Club

At a mutually convenient time

With a mutually approved moderator.

You can easily make the case

That your Democratic Party should be


The most craven




Pro big business control

Reckless Republican Party ever.

Since everyone knows

How intrepid you are

Please do not think

That any excuses you make

For rejecting this debate challenge

Will pass the muster of the Washington media

That knows you so well

I look forward to your engaging response.