Flowers Confronts Obama in Denver

President Barack Obama says he’s open to new ideas on health care reform.

“Let me know, let me know, let me know. I’m eager to see it,” Obama said during his State of the Union speech last month.

But he refuses to hear from the majority of doctors, nurses and regular Americans who support a Medicare for all, single payer health insurance system.

Dr. Margaret Flowers has been trying to get Obama to listen to her or the the 16,000 physician members of the Physicians for a National Health Program she represents.

Last month, she was turned back at the White House gate when she tried to deliver a letter outlining the benefits of single payer.

Also last month, Dr. Flowers and Dr. Carol Paris were arrested outside a Baltimore hotel where Obama was meeting with House Republican leaders.

Flowers and Paris were carrying a banner that read – “Letting You Know – Medicare for All.”

Obama was in Denver on Thursday for a fundraiser for Senator Michael Bennet.

Flowers and a group of single payer activists got into the Fillmore Auditorium where Obama was speaking.

Flowers tried everything to get the information to Obama.

She tried to get a Secret Service agent to hand deliver her letter to Obama.

The Secret Service agent refused.

She held up the banner that read – Letting You Know – Medicare for All.

Then Flowers, James Duncan, Aaron Ney and other single payer action supporters in the crowd began chanting – Medicare for All.

Many others in the crowed joined in and began chanting – Medicare for All.

Hearing the chants, Obama responded with “There you go.”

Flowers shot back – “You didn’t even include us.”

Of course he didn’t.

But then again, he had no intention to.

As former President George Bush wanted to say –

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, shame on me.

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